Virginia Car Insurance Laws

Learn how much property and bodily liability insurance is required to operate a motorized vehicle in Virginia. Discover if you have proper coverage and if not what the penalties and fines are for continuing to drive without the minimum insurance coverage ...     read more

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Department of Insurance Contact Information

Virginia Bureau of Auto Insurance / Tyler Bldg.
1300 East Main Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Consumer Hotline

1-804-371-9741 or
Toll Free: 1-800-552-7945

State Department Website

File Complaint Website

State Regulation

Bodily injury liability:25,000 for single individual injury / 50,0000 for additional individual injuries. - Property damage liability: 20,000 to cover property damage

The State of Virginia does not require motorists to carry uninsured/uninsured policies, but they do recommend it in their Consumer Auto Insurance Guide. There are also, non mandatory recommendations on choosing policies, coverage and options for auto insurance.

Rather than getting car insurance, you may instead pay the Uninsured Motor Vehicle fee. The fee does not provide any insurance; you are still personally liable if you get in an accident. However, it does allow you to register your vehicle and drive it without insurance.

The Uninsured Motor Vehicle fee is $500. If you opt for paying it instead of getting insurance, be aware that it expires with your registration. When it is time to renew, you can pay another fee or provide proof of insurance.

Insurance is NOT required on:

Off-highway vehicles

Non-registered nonoperational vehicles

If You've Paid The Uninsured Motor Vehicle fee of $500. It expires With Your Registration


Residents of the state of Virginia who register a vehicle as insured but fail to present proof upon request by a an officer of the law or other state authority, or who let their insurance lapse will face some severe penalties. Penalties include the restriction or revocation of both operator's license and the uninsured vehicles registration. Getting the vehicle registered again will require proof of insurance, paying a $500.00 statutory fine and $85.00 fee to reinstate their registration, there may be additional DMV fees for reinstating the motor vehicle operator's license. In addition, for three years following a violation, the motorist will have to regularly submit proof of insurance to the DMV and if for any reason their policy is cancelled, the insurance agency is obligated to report it.

Virginia has also started the Insurance Verification Program which monitors for uninsured motorists. The key method they use for monitoring is electronic insurance policy records that all insurance policy agencies licensed to do business in the State of Washington are compelled to submit. This includes information on new policies, changes to current policies and the cancellation of policies.

The electronic record monitoring, along with more traditional monitoring such as accident reports and police officer requests for proof of insurance make up the entirety of the program. The electronic method being the newest and most important, as this method was done with paper previously and was much harder to compare against registered vehicles, looking for those who have let their insurance lapse.

Requirements Regarding Proof of Insurance: The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has several ways of monitoring vehicle insurance coverage.

Penalties For Not Carrying Mandatory Insurance: You can lose your driving privileges as well as your registration privileges. In order to have them reinstated, you will have to pay a $500 statutory fee, file a financial responsibility insurance certificate (SR-22) with the DMV for three years, and pay other applicable fees

Min Coverage:

$25,000 for injury/death to one person

$50,000 for injury to more than one person

$20,000 for damage to property

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